“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…” (Jer. 1:5) It is God who creates and forms the human from within the womb. God knows the person and the life it will be. But we live in a world where, for convenience sake, unwanted children are terminated.

It is mind-boggling that rational people cannot agree that “Partial Birth Abortion” is wrong and should be stopped. Pro-Choice Activists won’t discuss the matter because they can’t afford to give any ground on the abortion debate.

I call to your attention Minnesota Statute on disposing of fetuses.

Minnesota Statute
“145.423 Abortion; live births.
“Subdivision 1.
Recognition; medical care. A live child born as a result of an abortion shall be fully recognized as a human person, and accorded immediate protection under the law. All reasonable measures consistent with good medical practice, including the compilation of appropriate medical records, shall be taken to preserve the life and health of the child.”

In the process of aborting a “fetus”, Minnesota Statute requires that if during an abortion procedure a
live “child” is born, it shall be fully recognized as human. This brings us to the discussion of “Partial Birth Abortion”. This is the process where the child is pulled from the womb, through the birth canal, feet first. With every part of the body delivered, except for the head, the fetus/human is still alive. Then the full delivery of the child is halted so that the medical person has time to cut a hole into the back of the fetus/human neck. With the head still in the birth canal, the medical person then shoves a suction device into the skull so as to suck out the brain (If you want, you may see an illustration of the process HERE.). With the brain tissue removed, it is then fully delivered.
How can anyone justify this practice? Law makers and pro-choicers can wrangle over whether the head filled with living brain material is a fetus or a human, but God knows a person with all of its potential. Christians need to reach people with this message. We must cultivate a society that engages in sexual relations only in marriage and respects the life of the unborn.

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