Looking A Gift Horse in the Mouth is an interesting expression that comes from a bygone era.
The giving and the getting of gifts will test the character of men.
Years and years ago, an elderly couple put my family up in their home for a night’s stay. We were given the key and told to enter and make ourselves at home. We did. One of the first things I did was to make coffee. So I poured out the partial pot of coffee left in the carafe from the morning brew. And started a new pot. To the owner of the house I committed a great infraction and he let me know how wrong I was to not drink that leftover coffee. The verbal reproof I received was uncomfortable. I was let know how pouring it out was wasteful. I can tell you I never saw that coming and thought it wise to never stay in his home again. Was I wrong or was he wrong?

I learned years ago that a gift should be accepted graciously. If someone out of kindness gives you their horse, because they know you need it, don’t begin inspecting the teeth to judge the quality of the gift. It’s rude and demonstrates low character to “look a gift horse in the mouth”.
Yet, it is not inappropriate to decline a gift. Sometimes it is even wise to decline it (Pro 23:1-8). And sometimes the gift comes with so many requirements by an especially particular person so as to make it unwise to take the gift because it is likely you will disappoint the giver and end up enemies or not friends.
Some people don’t know how to take a gift and some people don’t know how to give a gift. A Christian will do both well.

God has offered to us all the gift of salvation.  How have we received His gift?

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