The Proverb says, “Discipline your son while there is hope, And do not desire his death.” Pro. 19:18 
A child who is not disciplined is not trained out of bad habits and poor behavior. And so without discipline, the child will continue in these things so that they become part of the grownup. As an adult, the rest of the world will not be so coddling and permissive as were the non-disciplining parents. Because of the child’s fully developed anti-social behavior, now manifested in the body and mind of a grown person, such a person will alienate people and he will be alienated. The grown child will suffer in many ways and it will be too late for the parents to repair things. Hope will be gone. 
Do you talk to your children and do you express your displeasure if they do wrong. That’s great. But if you don’t actually discipline and bring about a change, you have really done nothing. Discipline your children now while there is hope and do not wait until they have become belligerent early teens. That’s when hope is nearly lost.
May God bless all of you parents to train your children up in the way they should go, Pro. 22:6. 

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