Everyone is contentious; make sure you contend for the faith, Jude 3. Everyone fights; just make sure it is the good fight of faith, 1 Tim 6:12. Everyone defends their position; just give your answer with gentleness and reverence, 1 Pt 3:15 

The hippies of the 60’s shouted ‘make love, not war’, and then they proceeded to make war with the establishment, the police, the universities, the returning soldiers, their parents, and against their God. No one is exempt from fighting and engaging the battle. The only question is which side they will choose?

I choose to fight the good fight of faith with Jesus Christ. I rejoice that I have been made part of the church of Christ, the one body, which He purchased with His own blood, Rom 16:16; Eph 1:22,23; Acts 20:28ff.

In the world there are people who love the church and there are people who love something else. All sides contend for what they believe. Someone has to be wrong. But I know God is right. That’s why we should spend time in the Scriptures to know what the living Word of God has taught us to believe. God bless you. Dan

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