When I hear about 10 or 12 year old children talking about how they identify as the opposite sex or that they identify as a gay or lesbian, I want to know how the child go to that point.

If a young boy is thinking sexual thoughts, it is because he has been sexualized. Either he has been physically abused or he has been exposed to sexual content. Television is sexualizing children. The internet is filled with sexualized content. If parents are buying nude magazines, the parents are directly responsible for whatever sexual sins that boy goes into. If parents attend R and X rated movies, the parents are setting the example that immoral sexual activities are normal. This is all on the parents. You cannot go to sexually explicit websites and movies and expect that the sons and daughters will not do the same. This is on the parents. And God will judge the parents harshly who have not taught their boys that they are to act like men when they grow up, living in God designed marriage. God will judge parents harshly who have allowed the world to teach the children that it’s OK for girls to lie with girls and for boys to lie with boys. These are unnatural and part of a parent’s job is to teach children to do what is natural and that unnatural is sin.

People are scared to death to talk about this. They are scared to death to share this. I mean it. So many Christians know the truth about this perversion today, but they will not take a hard stand for fear of alienating someone. If you do not teach your children to be normal in God’s eyes AND that the unnatural sexual proclivities of our world are gross sin, YOU are complicit if your children follow the world. Talk to your children, in a loving but serious way, about normal healthy sex in a God’s designed marriage. It’s part of training up a child in the way he should go. You cannot ignore this important subject. Remember the Birds and the Bees topic? Well now you have to talk to them about the sin of Adam and Steve, if you catch my drift.

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