culture I want desires.jpgThere are all kinds of desires. Some desires are normal and healthy. But many desires are evil. To desire what is sin is not to be justified as normal. That is to call evil good, and good evil, Isa. 5:20. So please do not fall into the trap of secular relativism that recognizes no good or evil, not objective truth and no sin. Homosexuality is an abomination. it is unnatural. It goes against the obvious design of God for man and woman to be joined together.

But we have many Christians being corrupted in their views, due to pressures from the world, to give these lusts a natural and non-sinful explanation.

When men say “I’m born homosexual or pedophilic, but I do not act on it”, it is no difference than someone saying “I’m a thief or I have adulterous thoughts, but I do not act on it.” NO! The lusts are sinful in and of themselves and are not to be justified as harmless as long as a person does not act on them. Because you want something doesn’t make it normal or right.


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