Mental Illness is a Mystery on the Rise, DM

Why there is more mental illness today is blamed on Monsanto, Global Warming, Racism, religions, Republicans, and “right wing” radio. But what is not pointed to for blame is the break-up of the home by divorce, the abandonment of children too young to cope with their shattered norms, the touchy-feely approach to training children, the stream of godless messages in movies and television, the nonsense theory of evolution, nor the rejection of God and morality.

What will make you go crazy is a world that swears there is no right or wrong but then threatens the livelihood of anyone who doesn’t agree with it. Try getting a job at a major university or state college if you are a 2nd Amendment #MAGA supporter. What will make you go crazy is preaching one thing but practicing another. Those rich sure burn a lot of fossil fuels to fuel their jet-set lives. They care for the life of the muskrat while insisting a baby in the womb is not a viable human life. They will defend the killing of that child as long as its beating heart is inside the mother’s womb.

The Bible says king Nebuchadnezzar went crazy and acted like an animal of the field for 7 periods of time. It was the judgment of God on him for being prideful and for not giving glory to the God. This will make you go crazy because it’s selfishness and it’s stealing by taking glory that doesn’t belong to you.

Something else that will make you go crazy is carrying burdens that you shouldn’t carry. Not enough people today know they need to put their cares in God’s hand. Too many people are abused. Women are raising their children without a man which places extra demands on her time and energy. You cannot burn the candle at both ends and stay sane.

We need to be happy and blessed in the Lord. Jesus said do not be anxious. He said to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these other needs will be taken care of. By worrying about tomorrow and fretting over yesterday, we sin, and this sin creates a certain amount of angst and despair. Jesus said just live today because it has enough troubles of its own. So if you are constantly living in the past or worrying about the future, you are going to increase tension and set your nerves on edge.

Paul said how to have the peace of God. Will you pray and do what Paul instructed?

“4 ā„œš”¢š”§š”¬š”¦š” š”¢ š”¦š”« š”±š”„š”¢ š”š”¬š”Æš”” š”žš”©š”“š”žš”¶š”°; š”žš”¤š”žš”¦š”« ā„‘ š”“š”¦š”©š”© š”°š”žš”¶, š”Æš”¢š”§š”¬š”¦š” š”¢! 5 š”š”¢š”± š”¶š”¬š”²š”Æ š”¤š”¢š”«š”±š”©š”¢ š”°š”­š”¦š”Æš”¦š”± š”Ÿš”¢ š”Øš”«š”¬š”“š”« š”±š”¬ š”žš”©š”© š”Ŗš”¢š”«. š”—š”„š”¢ š”š”¬š”Æš”” š”¦š”° š”«š”¢š”žš”Æ. 6 š”…š”¢ š”žš”«š”µš”¦š”¬š”²š”° š”£š”¬š”Æ š”«š”¬š”±š”„š”¦š”«š”¤, š”Ÿš”²š”± š”¦š”« š”¢š”³š”¢š”Æš”¶š”±š”„š”¦š”«š”¤ š”Ÿš”¶ š”­š”Æš”žš”¶š”¢š”Æ š”žš”«š”” š”°š”²š”­š”­š”©š”¦š” š”žš”±š”¦š”¬š”« š”“š”¦š”±š”„ š”±š”„š”žš”«š”Øš”°š”¤š”¦š”³š”¦š”«š”¤ š”©š”¢š”± š”¶š”¬š”²š”Æ š”Æš”¢š”®š”²š”¢š”°š”±š”° š”Ÿš”¢ š”Ŗš”žš””š”¢ š”Øš”«š”¬š”“š”« š”±š”¬ š”Šš”¬š””. 7 š”„š”«š”” š”±š”„š”¢ š”­š”¢š”žš” š”¢ š”¬š”£ š”Šš”¬š””, š”“š”„š”¦š” š”„ š”°š”²š”Æš”­š”žš”°š”°š”¢š”° š”žš”©š”© š” š”¬š”Ŗš”­š”Æš”¢š”„š”¢š”«š”°š”¦š”¬š”«, š”“š”¦š”©š”© š”¤š”²š”žš”Æš”” š”¶š”¬š”²š”Æ š”„š”¢š”žš”Æš”±š”° š”žš”«š”” š”¶š”¬š”²š”Æ š”Ŗš”¦š”«š””š”° š”¦š”« ā„­š”„š”Æš”¦š”°š”± š”š”¢š”°š”²š”°. 8 š”‰š”¦š”«š”žš”©š”©š”¶, š”Ÿš”Æš”¢š”±š”„š”Æš”¢š”«, š”“š”„š”žš”±š”¢š”³š”¢š”Æ š”¦š”° š”±š”Æš”²š”¢, š”“š”„š”žš”±š”¢š”³š”¢š”Æ š”¦š”° š”„š”¬š”«š”¬š”Æš”žš”Ÿš”©š”¢, š”“š”„š”žš”±š”¢š”³š”¢š”Æ š”¦š”° š”Æš”¦š”¤š”„š”±, š”“š”„š”žš”±š”¢š”³š”¢š”Æ š”¦š”° š”­š”²š”Æš”¢, š”“š”„š”žš”±š”¢š”³š”¢š”Æ š”¦š”° š”©š”¬š”³š”¢š”©š”¶, š”“š”„š”žš”±š”¢š”³š”¢š”Æ š”¦š”° š”¬š”£ š”¤š”¬š”¬š”” š”Æš”¢š”­š”²š”±š”¢, š”¦š”£ š”±š”„š”¢š”Æš”¢ š”¦š”° š”žš”«š”¶ š”¢š”µš” š”¢š”©š”©š”¢š”«š” š”¢ š”žš”«š”” š”¦š”£ š”žš”«š”¶š”±š”„š”¦š”«š”¤ š”“š”¬š”Æš”±š”„š”¶ š”¬š”£ š”­š”Æš”žš”¦š”°š”¢, š””š”“š”¢š”©š”© š”¬š”« š”±š”„š”¢š”°š”¢ š”±š”„š”¦š”«š”¤š”°. 9 š”—š”„š”¢ š”±š”„š”¦š”«š”¤š”° š”¶š”¬š”² š”„š”žš”³š”¢ š”©š”¢š”žš”Æš”«š”¢š”” š”žš”«š”” š”Æš”¢š” š”¢š”¦š”³š”¢š”” š”žš”«š”” š”„š”¢š”žš”Æš”” š”žš”«š”” š”°š”¢š”¢š”« š”¦š”« š”Ŗš”¢, š”­š”Æš”žš” š”±š”¦š” š”¢ š”±š”„š”¢š”°š”¢ š”±š”„š”¦š”«š”¤š”°, š”žš”«š”” š”±š”„š”¢ š”Šš”¬š”” š”¬š”£ š”­š”¢š”žš” š”¢ š”“š”¦š”©š”© š”Ÿš”¢ š”“š”¦š”±š”„ š”¶š”¬š”².” – Philippians 4

Will you pray about your worries and turn them over to God. Peter says to do so because “He cares for you.” The root of much “insanity” today is the failure to believe God. In James he says you are like a two-souled person, “double-minded”, if you pray but do not believe it, James 1. Do you believe God? Will you give thanks for the blessings you have and will you think on the things that are good? God’s perfect peace can be yours if you take God at His word.

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