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  1. —Evolutionary ideas held sway in my thinking until scientific creationism convinced me otherwise. The lack of transitional forms and the many instances of fraudulant and fabricated evidence in the supposed development of man persuaded me to research the claims of Biblical creationism. Presently I teach Algebra, Calculus and Physics at the high school level. Students are introduced to both worldviews and asked to examine the data for themselves. The student consensus is that the data supports the predictions made by the creation model. If the hypothesis of evolution is correct then the majority of the world’s population would have little difficulty embracing this ideology. They do not. And, if evolution is true, where are the convincing arguments to courteously change the thinking of “misguided” creationists? Over the years I have noticed that people who are unable to back up their claims tend to be easily provoked when questioned. The rhetoric of many evolutionists tends to reflect that tendency.

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    • Thanks for the wonderful comment. I’m happy for the young minds being given the chance to weigh the evidence for themselves. The atheistic side first tries to hide the enunciation of truth so they can put their spinny propaganda on it to deceive the youths. God bless you.


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