In a dark and sinful world you cannot speak the truth without being attacked. In such a dark and sinful world there are some things that you are not allowed to speak. One of the things that you’ll see in this dark and sinful world is the picture of the man being the weakling and the stupid oaf of the family. Nearly every sitcom that’s supposed to be about the family, you’ll see the wife being the the wise leader and the children often saying quick little flippant remarks to the father who is silly and weak. When you point out this is not the way it’s supposed to be and tell the truth that the man is strong and designed by God to be the leader of the home and the leader in the church, just watch for the venom and the the hateful response that comes from the world. See, it’s okay to say the woman is the head of the home, but you can’t say that the man is the head of the home. I remember how that one sitcom called Last Man standing attempted to, sort of, have the man be the strong alpha type leader. He had opinions and he wasn’t afraid to say his opinions and teach other people what he believed was right. Look how our society attacked that show until it was taken off of the air. oh I know people will say he was taken off the air because the actor said something that was not politically correct, but you can bet money on it that he was a target because of his show. The powers of this world, this dark and corrupted world, were looking for any reason to take him off because they cannot stand to have a strong male figure on television.

Even a 9 year old can see it. The other day my granddaughter was watching a show on Netflix called Go Go Carson, or something like that, and on the Sleepover episode, the child’s father (also a car) was so weak and scare that she made a comment on how the dad was portrayed. This societal problem is epidemic.

The Bible says that the woman is to submit to her husband. The apostle Paul said that. He taught it in the Corinthian letter and he taught it in the Ephesian letter. And the Bible teaches that as God is over Christ and Christ is over man, so man is over the woman. Don’t listen to the nonsense that that language makes a woman a slave or a second-class person. That’s just the dark and evil sinful world trying to corrupt the real meaning of what God is saying. God’s design cannot be gotten around. Anytime a people try to upend and corrupt God’s designed, natural order, it’s only going to bring brokenness and hurt and pain.

We have got to start speaking the truth and show people God’s order. Men you have got to stop being weak allowing your women to lead you. you need to stand up and be a spiritual man, with your chin up, holding your Bibles, and leading the way to Christ. Stop being weak and giving in all the time to the emotionalism of this world. Be a leader as God designed you to be or else you are going to be responsible for the the harm that comes upon the people around you. I say all this in love.

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