9 But I have been the LORD your God since the land of Egypt; I will make you live in tents again, As in the days of the appointed festival. 10 I have also spoken to the prophets, And I gave numerous visions, And through the prophets I gave parables.” HOS. 12:9,10

Q: what do you gather from this text? What is God trying to communicate to the people? What God is communicating is something fundamental about people finding their way out of sin and darkness and death. This is what happens to people who fall from the truth. They forget the God of creation. The think they have no fault.They forget that God is deliverer and provider of life, breath, daily bread, peace and hope. They forget that real wisdom is from above, and that God has spoken to us in his Word (through the prophets and parables) so that we aren’t just relying on our own wits. The way out of sin and darkness and death is to humbly go back to God and put our trust in him.

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